What Happens to Skylights When a Roof Is Replaced?

During a roof replacement, the entire roof is removed and replaced with a new roofing system. However, if your home has skylights, you may be wondering what happens to them during this process. Skylights are windows in your roof for the purpose of a light source during the day. If you need to have your roof replaced, it is a good time to upgrade, add, or remove skylights.

Skylights can light up a whole room during the day, possibly saving on electricity. However, some homeowners refer to their skylights as having a hole in their roof. They work well for allowing more natural light into your space when properly installed and maintained. They are not necessarily in the way or difficult to deal with during a roof replacement, but there are a few things you should be aware of.

Is adding a skylight to your home on your wishlist?

This is one of the first decisions to be made. If your home lacks skylights and you want to install them, now is the time to do so because your roof structure is exposed. Skylights are not appropriate for all rooms or homes. A large attic space, for example, makes it difficult to add a skylight. If you have vaulted ceilings, however, that could be a great place to put them.

During the quoting process, discuss the addition of skylights with your roofing team. However, suppose you decide to add them in the middle of the project. In that case, depending on your location, the structure of your home, and the availability of necessary materials, it may be possible. If done professionally, it is a good way to increase the value of your home in some areas.

Do you want to install a skylight but an attic space is in the way?

In this case, adding a sun tube could be an option. They allow light to funnel down from a roof opening into a room and are also known as solar tubes or light tubes. They do not add as much light as a traditional skylight opening would, but they can work well to improve natural light in the space.

A sun tube contains a small transport device that collects light at the roof’s surface. This can be accomplished through the use of a reflective coating or the use of fiber optics to conduct the light. The light then passes through the tube, which may include a few bends or a turn as needed. The tube runs from the roof of the house to the ceiling of the room where natural light is desired. This option is frequently less expensive than installing a skylight. They do require professional installation, but once installed, they are an excellent way to increase the amount of natural light in your home.

Do You Want to Get Rid of a Skylight in Your House?

Not everyone wants to keep their existing skylight. It may require some attention if it is older and has not been replaced as frequently as your home’s windows. Skylights are not always desirable due to their location. If you decide to remove it, the roofing team can assist you with the process. To create a new, flush roof, it is usually necessary to place a new structure over the surface of the skylight.

There is also work to be done on your home’s insight. This could include putting up drywall and making sure the entire opening is properly sealed. A skylight removal requires some structural work, but your roofing team can do it while leaving you with a space that doesn’t look like it once had a skylight.

Consider Including a Dormer

If you have an outdated skylight or want to make better use of your attic space, you could add a dormer to your roof. A dormer is a great way to add architectural depth to your home. You could install it over an existing skylight that you no longer want to use, or you could add it to your home’s structure even if you don’t have a skylight.

There are numerous styles to choose from, including arched top dormers, gabled, and pedimented. These require some framing and construction to give the appearance of additional space throughout the attic. While they appear to be rooms, they are simply windows with a roof structure over them. Depending on where they are placed, they can allow a lot of light to come in through the upper areas of your home.

If you are having a new roof installed, adding dormers is the best time to do so. They can then be built into the roof structure and covered with the same roofing material. Depending on how and where you use them, they can add a lot of dimension to your home as well as beautiful natural light.

Adding or removing skylights during a roof replacement is the most cost-effective and ideal situation. In many cases, this can be an excellent way to add dimension, create more light within your home, and even add a bit of character.

Work with your roofer to determine your options. Discuss any existing skylights and any problems you are experiencing with them, such as leaks or moisture buildup. If you intend to keep those skylights, the roofer will be able to pay closer attention to any concerns and make updates or changes to reduce risks.

When properly installed, skylights can add a significant amount of value to your home. Talk to your roofing contractor about the options for improving or even replacing them if they no longer meet your needs.

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