What is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

When considering the investment in a new roof, homeowners today have many options. No longer is it necessary to choose traditional shingles. Instead, consider a metal roof, or more specifically, a standing seam metal roof. For homeowners in Denver, CO, this is becoming one of the most reliable and beneficial roofing choices.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs do not have exposed fasteners. These are attached using concealed fasteners. They have either vertical or trapezoidal legs with a flat space between them. Like many metal roofs, these are highly durable and protective, but they are also beautiful and add a lot of cosmetic benefits to the structure. 

The fastener system is designed to ensure there is no exposure of the fasteners to the elements. Not only does this typically improve the look of the roof, but it also helps to minimize any damage or early wear and tear on the roof. Fasteners that are exposed to the elements, by contrast, fail over time. 

Rather, standing seam metal roofs offer numerous benefits to property owners, including:

  • Highly weather-tight design which keeps the elements out – some of the highest levels of weatherproofing available in the industry
  • Very durable design which can handle years of wear and tear while maintaining its overall durability 
  • Because of the fasteners used, which traditionally are attached to the roof deck using clamps, there are no holes placed into the roofing material minimizing moisture exposure 

Types of Standing Seam Roofs

There are several different types of standing seam metal roofs. This includes some that are a snap-lock panel that is attached to the roof deck using clips. This particular type creates more thermal movement within the roofing panels, helping to move air to keep the structure cool. Another type is a mechanically seamed panel which uses clips to secure them in place that are crimped together. 

There are four styles available:

  • One piece snap-lock interlock models
  • Two piece snap-lock interlock models
  • Double lock seam models
  • Symmetrical seam models 

The type selected is typically based on your goals as well as budget and roofing conditions. The differences lie in the way these seams come together.

What Is the Difference Between Standing Seam Metal Roof and a Metal Roof?

There are a few differences between metal roofs (such as corrugated metal roofs) and standing seam roofs. Corrugated metal is one of the most common options in the industry. It could be considered the standard option for most applications. That is no longer the case, though, as new products, including the standing seam roof, have become available. 

The standing seam metal roof has added features that help to improve the overall durability and weatherproofing the roof offers. More so, standing seam roofs tend to last longer thanks to those design features. 

Corrugated metal roofs are still commonly available, especially since they are lower cost. While they may not be as attractive as standing seam roofs for residential use, many people use them for other needs. They do a good job overall of reflecting the sun and heat and are still very durable and last much longer than traditional asphalt roofing.

A key difference between the two is the design of the fasteners. Corrugated metal roofing has exposed fasteners. There are some treatments that can be added to these fasteners to overall increase the durability of them. However, these are not as effective as standing seam roofs with their lack of visible fasteners.

Why Would You Choose a Standing Seam Metal Roof Over a Traditional Shingle Roof?

Standing seam roofs offer a wide range of benefits to property owners in Colorado. Gone are the days when the only option in metal roofs were corrugated models that today are more commonly found on outbuildings and sheds. Consider some of the benefits of a standing seam metal roof and why they may work for your needs.

  • They Last Longer: Standing seam metal roofs have some of the longest lifespans in the roofing industry. Some products may last as long as 75 years or longer. That means you will replace the roof one time in your lifetime, in most cases. Many asphalt shingled roofs last for 20 to 30 years, by contrast.
  • A Higher Quality of Metal: Standing seam roofs have a higher gauge of metal than you will find on other metal roofs. This added thickness significantly improves the overall durability of the roof itself. The stronger gauge of metal also makes it far more durable than other roofing structures. Compared to corrugated roofs, you are not likely to notice hail or other damage to the roof with standing seam roofs. That helps them to last longer while looking good throughout that period. 
  • Very Little Risk of Leaks: The lack of exposed fasteners is a very important benefit to these roofs. Without exposed fasteners, there is very little chance of the roof developing leaks. In other types of metal roofs, fastener holes create potential areas for leaks to occur. 
  • Less Maintenance: Standing seam roofs require very little maintenance throughout their lifetime. They typically do not require any type of repairs unless they suffer significant damage to them, such as a heavy tree branch falling on them. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Unlike corrugated metal roofs, which do not have a reputation for being good looking, standing seam metal roofs can be. They are typically available in numerous colors and styles and can be highly customizable overall. For many, they can be an excellent choice for their profile options, too. 
  • They Are Efficient: These roofs also do a great job of reflecting away UV light. That means they can help to keep the home cooler during the summer months. That can help to reduce energy bills.

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